Characteristics of Induction Motors

Induction electric motors have almost intermittent speed and low-power induction motors are mostly single-phase, short-rotor motors and starters require special devices since they do not have their own starters. It features changeable speed.

In the motor to the repulsion the winding of the rotor is taken to the brushes that are interconnected in short circuit and presents variable speed, being thus it is applied quite often like engine of repulsion induction. At start it operates as a repulsion motor and has its own start and, later, a centrifugal device, where the slides of the collector are short-circuited, starting to work as a single-phase induction motor reelcraft S24-260044.

The three-phase induction motors are high-power and self-starting. Since they require a large network current, at their starting point, special devices are applied to reduce it. In series or universal single-phase motors the rotor winding is fed to the brushes through a switch (collector formed by separate blades) and connected to the stator. This type of motor operates on both direct and alternating current.

Engines – Adequate ventilation

The well-planned ventilation system, in addition to having an efficient fan capable of moving a large mass of air, must conduct this air in order to sweep the entire surface of the housing where the heat exchange takes place. The displacement of a large volume of air would not help if it spreads without removing the heat from the engine. In order to analyze whether or not motors can work in these environments, the size and quantity of the fibers contained in the environment must be reported to the manufacturer.

These factors are important because a large amount of dust deposited on the motor fins can act as a thermal insulation, and larger fibers can cause over time, clogging the ventilation, damaging the cooling system, leading to burning the engine 7800 OMP. When the fiber content is high, air filters or engine cleaning should be used, as well as carefully cleaning the ventilation holes, cleaning the fins, removing dust and fibrous materials, ensuring that the engine installation site guarantees free movement of air, check the operation of the auxiliary ventilation system and free circulation of air in the ventilation ducts.

Insulating Components

The combination of elements with insulating properties, usually used in electrical components, is called an insulation system. This important junction that occurs in electric motors is a number of factors, such as groove closure insulation, insulation between phases, wire insulation enamel, groove bottom, varnish or impregnation resin, insulation of the connecting cable and soldering. Liquid materials, solids and gases can be used in the insulation of electrical equipment, varying according to the needs of the system. Components whose main function is insulation are automatically responsible for limiting, directing and even preventing the flow of electrical currents.

However, even if it is one of the main purposes of the insulation material, acting in the impedance of the current flow of a conductor to earth or even a reduced potential, it can still offer a specific mechanical support, in this way, preserving the conductor dc speed dart of any degradation that may be caused by external factors and pass external heat into the environment. Insulation systems are able to interfere with the quality of equipment as well as insulation, directly influencing the weight, cost, performance and durability of your system.

Motor Applications

It should be noted that the foundation, as well as an application, refers to the structural element, in the prepared or natural base, which is properly designed to support the efforts generated by the installed equipment, thus enabling the operation of these with high security, stability and performance. In this way, the foundations design needs to take into account the adjacent structures, so that it can avoid the influence of one piece of equipment on the other, to ensure that the propagation of vibrations does not occur. The stresses generated at the time of operation by the driven load need to be considered as an important part of the foundations dimensioning. In this way, the user becomes completely responsible for all the project, preparation and, finally, the execution of the foundation.

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That is, the foundation must be flat and its detailing and execution requires specifications, such as the construction of the equipment itself, involving not only the values ​​and the way in which the loads will act, for which purposes and maximum limits of compatible deformations and vibrations in each specific case. It is necessary to consider the neighboring constructions, allowing the understanding of the state of conservation, the estimation of the maximum loads applied, type of foundation and fixation employed and vibration levels transmitted by these constructions.

Transformers or Trafos

It is important to stress that a significant loss of power in the transfer of the same, which may be the result of numerous factors, such as wire resistance and currents through the nucleus, known as eddy current, for example. Thus, a transformer is composed of at least two independent windings, although they suffer the action of the electromagnetic field, which is more intense, in relation to the transformers that have a core of ferromagnetic material. The winding in which the voltage to be transformed is applied is called the primary winding and the winding which achieves the desired secondary voltage.

Transformers, which can also be called detraphos EJMM3710T-5, refer to electrical elements that are intended to insulate a circuit, to increase or reduce a voltage. These elements are also used to cause the necessary impedance between different circuits or as part of filters in radio frequency circuits. Transformers of many types can be found, each of which has a different purpose, construction and size. It can be stated that a transformer needs to transfer all the power from the primary to the secondary, remembering that the primary and the secondary consist of the input and output windings, respectively.

Supply of Electric Power

It is important to emphasize that the technicians responsible for all the operation and maintenance of the electrical processes often analyze the power factor of a load as one of the indicators responsible for affecting the transmission and efficient generation of electric energy. It is a common practice to perform the correction of the power factor to an approximate value to the unit. This action is called power factor correction, and is usually obtained according to the coupling of banks of inductors or capacitors, with a reactive power Q, unlike that of the load, resulting in the component cancellation. For example, the inductive effect of different machines Gates 9274-4280 can be canceled from the parallel connection of a capacitor, or bank, to the equipment.

In case the load has a considerably lower power factor than one, automatically more current will be required in order to supply the same amount of useful power. The companies that supply electric energy establish that consumers, especially those with larger loads, keep the power factors of their electrical installations within a minimum limit. The power capacity must be increased to 0.96, or consumers may be charged extra.

Performance of Permanent Condenser Motors

In permanent capacitor motors, the auxiliary winding, like the capacitor, is permanently energized, considering that the capacitor is always of the electrostatic type. The function of this capacitor is to enable adequate flow conditions to be considered very similar to those found in multi-phase electric motors, thereby increasing maximum torque, efficiency and power factor, thus having the ability to reduce noise significantly. For example, blowers, office machines, fans, exhaust fans, centrifugal pumps, grinders, small saws, drills, air conditioners and sprayers, among other equipment can be mentioned.

Considering the constructive factor, this type of motor 101218LF has a smaller size and is normally free of the need for periodic maintenance, since they do not use contacts and moving parts, as in other types of engines found. However, its starting torque is lower than that of the split-phase motor, which can vary between 50% and 100% of the nominal torque, a factor that may be decisive in case it is necessary to limit its application to equipment that does not normally require high starting torque.

Engines Lubrication

The purpose of lubrication in electric motors is to reduce friction and internal wear and prevent overheating. The grease serves as a vehicle for the added oil, which does the lubricating functions.

The most frequent failure is not the lack of lubrication, but the excessive lubrication, made with a larger amount of grease than recommended.

Excessive lubrication raises the temperature, due to the great resistance that occurs in the movement of the rotating parts and mainly due to the grease beat, which ends up completely losing its lubrication characteristics.

This can cause leakage and penetrates the grease inside the engine and depositing it on the coils or other parts of the engine. The grease used in the motors 1125-5-100-A is polyurea grease specially developed for electric motor bearings.

This grease has good compatibility with conventional lithium greases, but it is not recommended to mix greases, and if you use another type of grease, consult the manufacturer.

For motors with shielded type bearings there is no need for relubrication since they have been factory lubricated for their normal life and use polyurea grease.

Determination of Series Impedance

For the determination of the series equivalent impedance of transformers, the short-circuit test is used and the same procedure will be applied to the autotransformers, with some small differences.

Determining the serial impedance of a three-terminal autotransformer, primary, secondary, and tertiary, is more common than that of only two windings. When an autotransformer does not have a tertiary winding, the test is done in the same way as in the conventional transformer.

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As the equipment has three windings, three “binary” tests, ie a short test between the primary and the secondary with the tertiary open, a test between the primary and the tertiary with the secondary open and a test Between the secondary and the tertiary, with the primary open.

For the conventional transformer it is not possible to determine the value of the impedances of each of the separate windings by the short-circuit test, and so we find that Z1 = 2Z ‘= 0.5 Zeq, however, in the autotransformer test Possible to generate the impedance of each of the windings separately.

Thermal Insulators Phenolic

The thermal protector consists of a bimetallic disc, which contains two moving contacts, plus a resistance and a pair of fixed contacts. The protector is driven in series and due to thermal dissipation, which is generated by the passage of the current, through the internal resistance, a deformation of the disc can occur, resulting in the opening of the contacts and thus causing the motor power to stop .

After a lower than specified temperature has been reached, this protector must be reconnected. Depending on this process, two types of protectors can be used, one with automatic reclosing and the other with manual reclosing. These protectors are basically bimetallic type devices which have normally closed contacts, used mainly in single-phase induction motors, in order to protect against overheating caused by overloads, causing the rotor locking and voltage drops.

The thermal protector is applicable to electric motors GLP3348 of the three-phase type, but only to Y-connected motors. The advantages are a combination of current and temperature-sensitive protector. The drawback is the current limitation by the protector being directly connected to the single-phase motor coil.

Magnetic field

In 1820, the Danish scientist Hans Christian Oersted did not imagine that with a simple experiment he would discover a physical principle of extreme importance for the operation of this type of motor. In this way, the scientist passed an electric current, produced by a normal heap, by a conductor wire and soon after approaching a compass of that wire. The needle, which acts magnetically, moved and aligned perpendicular to the thread. For Oersted, the event confirmed that around the wire, had a magnetic field, which acted on the field of the needle.

Thus, the relationship between magnetism and electricity was first established. The French physicist André-Marie Ampere, a genius of mathematics, after knowing the experiences of the Dane, began to create a law of electromagnetism, understanding that the lines of force created by the electrified wire, the magnetic field, are circular, that is, Form a kind of invisible cylinder around the driver. T2535173S

Up until now, the magnetic field had been thought to move only in a straight line, as from one magnet to another. In the connection between electricity and magnetism, there was Englishman Michael Faraday. He valued experience as evidence of natural phenomena. It was thanks to his experiences and his curiosity, he was able to demonstrate in 1822 the circular magnetic field.

How does the electric motor rotor rotate?

The rotor of the electric motor needs a torque to start its rotation. This torque is usually produced by magnetic forces developed between the magnetic rotor poles and those of the stator.

Forces of attraction or repulsion, developed between stator and rotor, ‘pull’ or ‘push’ the rotor’s movable poles, producing torques, which cause the rotor to rotate faster and faster, until the frictions or loads attached to the shaft reduce the Torque to the value ‘zero’. After this point, the rotor rotates with a constant angular velocity.

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At least some of the ‘magnets’ of a motor must be ‘electromagnets’. An engine can not run if it is built exclusively with permanent magnets, because not only will there not be the initial torque to ‘trigger’ the movement.

A simple electric motor consists of a coil that rotates between two permanent magnets. The magnetic poles of the coil (represented by the magnet) are attracted by the opposing poles of the fixed magnets. The coil rotates to take these magnetic poles as close as possible to each other, but when it reaches that position the current direction is reversed and now the poles that face repel each other, continuing to propel the rotor.


The magnetic motors of electric motors (stators and rotors), with few exceptions, are currently manufactured, based on thin metal blades (low carbon steel plates) with a thickness of less than 1 mm, assembled in sheet metal packages.

Some higher performance motors are made from silicon steel sheets, with about 3% silicon. The total process for the elaboration of these nuclei consists basically in lamination, packaging, stamping, a treatment for electrical insulation and fixation.

With respect to low carbon steel plates, the process for insulation is based on a heat treatment, where the plate packs are inserted in ovens for a certain time, and then the surface oxidation of the plates exists, and as a result, the formation Of an insulating layer of iron oxide between the joint sheets.

08B-2 10FT MORSE

Some types of silicon steel sheets are offered by manufacturers with a paint based oxide on one of the surfaces. Magnetic cores enveloped by coils (windings), where they travel alternating currents, form an alternating magnetic flux.

For this reason, these nuclei are exposed to the action of parasitic currents, also called Foucault currents, which are responsible for significant loss of power in these nuclei.

Corretor de imóveis e o novo cenário tecnológico

Existem duas maneiras de lidar com uma revolução: ser o agente da mudança ou ser vítima dela. O corretor de imóveis que se posiciona à frente de seu mercado é aquele que não perde tempo, deve estar sempre antenado com as melhores práticas, as principais tendências e os mais eficazes recursos da imobiliária Curitiba.

Por isso, é importe investir em tecnologia, conhecer e utilizar as principais ferramentas digitais disponíveis para corretores de imóveis. Hoje, o caminho do sucesso nessa nova era é alinhar o seu valor agregado como corretor ao novo comportamento do consumidor de imoveis curitiba.

Isso significa que é preciso gerar conteúdo imobiliário relevante para sua audiência on line, promovendo sua carteira de imóveis no meio digital para ajudar os consumidores no processo de decisão; criar relacionamentos sustentáveis com sua audiência, nutrindo seus clientes potenciais com constantes oportunidades de negócio; dar todo tipo de suporte para sua audiência para fechar negócios reais através do meio digital, fazendo atendimento online por multicanais, pelo seu site, blog, plataforma digital imobiliária em Curitiba etc.

Acompanhe de perto as tendências tecnológicas e seja um corretor de sucesso.

The Motor Circuit Breakers

In an electric motor the circuit breakers have the function of protecting against overloads and possible short ones, and also allow to realize maneuvers directly in its buttons.

The circuit breakers also make the lock, through seals that are installed in your handle, which ensures safety for maintenance stops of the engine and its panels. These circuit breakers can also be used as insulation devices for electrical components and as keys for emergency shutdowns.

With an accessory installed in it it is possible to signal the trip that occurred, through the auxiliary contacts. The additional handles allow the external activation of the circuit-breakers, allowing safer operations and insulation of the energized parts, avoiding risks of electric shock.

The protection of the Dial can block and adjust current in the circuit breakers of the motors CTMDL 4Y, and with the use of sealing we can guarantee the fit and its reliability. In the designs with motor-breakers it is necessary half the physical space for the assembly, because they have smaller size.

The connection buses are necessary for saving the time and errors of mounting the power cables and their accessories.

The Purpose of Maintenance

The purpose of maintaining an electric motor is to maximize the life of the equipment, thus avoiding unwanted stops.

Services performed on electric motors rab fxled78sf must only be carried out by trained personnel using only suitable tools and methods and must be arranged to stop the equipment and disconnect it from the mains, including accessories.

Several times during maintenance, it is necessary to transport the motors with roller bearings or angular contact, for this the shaft locking devices supplied with the motor must be used.

General inspections are part of the maintenance, and their frequency will depend on the type of engine, application and installation site conditions. It is recommended to visually inspect the engine and coupling, checking for noise levels, vibration, alignment, signs of wear, oxidation and damaged parts and replace them when necessary. Proper lubrication is of paramount importance. The proper functioning of the engine and to this must be used the type and amount of grease or oil specified by the manufacturer and follow the recommended relubrication intervals for the bearings. This information can be found on each motor nameplate.

Understand concepts that are related to the electric motor

The electric motor has two types of voltage: single-phase and three-phase. The single-phase voltage is measured between the neutral phase. The single-phase electric motor is connected in the normal way and is prepared to be connected in a network of 127 V or 220 V. However, there are still places where the single-phase voltage can be applied both at 115 V, and in 230 V and 254 V. in these cases, one must be applied to a specific electric motor for these tensions.

The phase voltage is also measured between the phases. It is the electric motor more used, because the single-phase electric motor has limited power and also provides income and torques that are smaller and this increases the cost of operation. In Brazil, the most commonly used three-phase voltages are 220V, 380V and 440V.

1175-6-100 hose reels

The degree of protection is to protect the electric motor against ingress of foreign bodies that are dust, fibers and other, accidental contact and also water penetration. Thus, the electric motor is installed in a location where water jets occur, the electric motor should count cm an enclosure that is capable of supporting these jets under certain pressure and angle without the electric motor suffers with water penetration ARF that affect the operation the electric motor.

Imobiliária deve manter contato com o seu cliente ao longo do tempo

O grande problema da imobiliária Bauru é que com o passar do tempo, ela vai perdendo o seu cliente, porque não investe nele.

Para combater esse distanciamento, o ideal é que a imobiliária faça sempre conteúdos educativos e tenha o hábito de enviar para os seus clientes. Esse contato aumenta a sua relação com o cliente da imobiliária e assim faz com que a sua marca fique sempre presente na mente dos clientes.

É importante ainda fazer uso de conteúdos que acrescentem algo a vida dos clientes e não apenas um conteúdo na ideia de mandar por mandar, pois se não trouxer interesse o cliente da imobiliária ao invés de falar bem, irá falar mal da imobiliária, pois está apenas mandando conteúdo que não tem necessidade.

Como uma pessoa costuma comprar um imóvel apenas três vezes na vida, o importante é buscar assuntos de interesse de todos, pois assim o cliente não se cansará de receber o contato da imobiliária.

Soften car engine

When a person buys a new vehicle she knows how the engine uses more than one vehicle which has a used engine. This factor is due for various reasons and here we present some tips and how smooth the car engine suggestions, this factor brings advantages series, then check the information.

Learn how to soften the car engine more easily. Of course, over time the engine will softening normally, but there are some factors that you may be putting into practice that will speed up the process and bring short-term benefits.

These are how to soften car engine tips:

  • At first, try not to exceed the speed of 110km / h; sew eurodrive
  • Important avoid sudden accelerations in the first rotated 1km;
  • For new cars, it is advisable to warm up the engine after starting the morning to leave it running for about three to four minutes;
  • In the first months try to use leaded gasoline for you to avoid dirt in the engine, it will facilitate the operation of the vehicle.

Armários embutidos elevam o preço do imóvel quando ele é avaliado pela imobiliária

É comum que as pessoas procurem uma imobiliária em Bauru quando elas querem vender um imóvel, comprar um imóvel ou mesmo alugar um imóvel. Aqueles que querem que a imobiliária valorize ainda mais seu imóvel devem apostar em algumas dicas, pois elas contribuirão de maneira significativa para que a imobiliária valorize ainda mais o seu imóvel.

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Armários embutidos também valorizam e muito um imóvel e assim a imobiliária tende a valorizar o imóvel positivamente. Fato é que o investimento nos armários embutidos resultará em gastos elevados, mas eles serão recompensados quando a imobiliária realizar uma boa avaliação e isso resultará em uma elevação do preço do imóvel.

O ideal é que os armários sejam brancos  e neutros e que o acabamento imite uma textura. Muitos gostam de armários coloridos, mas como não são todos o ideal é apostar sempre no clássico.

Electric motor is a very important option when it comes to model airplanes

Many think that just having the model airplane to fly but have an electric motor around is very important. The essentials of the model airplanes are fuel, fuel pump, candle heater, starting stick, cleaning supplies.

But in addition to the items considered mandatory in model airplanes, there are still items classified as additional and although not required they only come to help those who fly a model airplane.

The electric starter is nothing more than an electric motor that will coupled to a battery that has the job of starting the model aircraft. This electric motor is mainly used in model airplane models that take too long to catch on.

The basic tools are also very important, because you never know what can happen, so it’s important to always have a hand on a day of flight: Crack keys, Philips switches, spark plug wrench, Allen wrench and pliers.

Busque a imobiliária Bauru antes de vender ou alugar um imóvel

O processo de vender um imóvel ou de alugá-lo pode ser longo e muito desgastante, porque as pessoas que querem colocar o imóvel para alugar ou para vender não possuem conhecimento sobre os preços praticados.

Para que esse processo não se torne cansativo e muito longo imobiliaria bauru, o ideal é buscar a imobiliária Bauru, pois ela saberá informar os preços praticados pelo mercado imobiliária e qual será o melhor preço para vender ou alugar o seu imóvel.

Muitos querem pedir um preço muito alto e como não conseguem vender decidem abaixar, a imobiliária Bauru não permitirá isso, pois isso fará com que o tempo para que o negócio seja concretizado demore ainda mais e os possíveis interessados serão afastados.

É comum que quem quer vender o alugar acredite que o imóvel tem um valor muito maior que o que está sendo pedido, porém é fundamental neste momento contar com a presença da imobiliária Bauru, pois ela saberá dar o preço justo e não permitirá que o proprietário seja levado por fatores emocionais na hora de colocar o preço no imóvel.

Electric motor and its models

The different models of electric motors emerged with the development and expansion of equipment. When he appeared in the Industrial Revolution models that it existed was simple and objective. Already today we find many variations of these engines. HBL2431

The electric motor models exist to be able to meet different applications where the machine is used. Purpose is a function of this motor is to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. Authors are considered the heart of the modern machines and therefore play an important role.

You can find engine applications in equipment that you use on a daily basis and also in industrial processes. There are so many types of electric motors they are present in appliances such as mixers, blenders, microwaves and others. The most important that you select the correct driver for the type of application you want to use. The variations are there to meet different demands, choose the best for your.

Verifique sempre a lataria do carro antes de fechar o negócio

Quando se decide comprar um carro usado ou carros bauru, não importa o ano do veículo, é sabido que quando esse carro for comprado em uma revenda de carros usados em Bauru, certamente ele deverá estar com os documentos corretos além da conservação da lataria do carro, se as portas do carro estão fechando corretamente.

Não precisa ser um especialista para identificar os problemas de um carro, por exemplo ver o nível de óleo, é um indicativo de que algo pode ou não estar bom, se ele estiver baixo poderá estar vazando, já se o óleo estiver com uma textura branca, pode estar ocorrendo uma mistura de óleo e água, o que poderá posteriormente prejudicar o escapamento, deve se verificar se na parte de dentro do cano tem alguma substância, pois se a mesma for oleosa o motor pode estar queimando gasolina, e ai os custos podem ser altos, comprometendo outros componentes do carro.

Agora se você não tem o mínimo conhecimento do carro, e do motor o melhor é levar o carro a um mecânico.

Como conseguir a melhor proposta para a venda do imóvel

Após definir um preço para a venda do imóvel, defina um prazo para reavaliar o preço caso nenhuma oferta séria seja feita, pois muitas vezes alguns vendedores colocam um preço muito acima do mercado e não reavaliam.

Além disso, uma parte muito importante para se obter uma boa proposta para a venda, é o bairro onde a casa está situada. Ande pelo seu bairro e avalie se o preço do seu imóvel está condizente com o bairro, analise o comércio local, a vizinhança, etc.

Quando estiver próximo de receber uma proposta, ofereça incentivos para o seu potencial comprador. Tente conceder algum de desconto ou mesmo pagar todos os custos da transação imobiliaria. Outra opção é oferecer uma conclusão acelerada da venda, já que normalmente esse tipo de negócio demora alguns meses para se concretizarem. A maioria dos compradores quer se mudar logo. apartamentos bauru

Aposte na contratação de uma imobiliaria bauru, já que com a experiência e profissionalisto, ela pode fazer muito mais por você e pela venda de sua casa.

Jet Ski da Sea Doo

A nova linha de Jet Ski da Sea Doo essa nova linha de Jet compõe o modelo da linha da BRP, esse modelo introduz uma plataforma de modelo básico com o Jet Ski GTI.

Essa nova linha com inovação no mercado carrega os conceitos de design avançado, ergonomia melhorada tanto para para o piloto quanto para o passageiro e o único com sistema de freios na água do setor, por isso é considero o Jet mais avançado do mercado. consorcio jet ski

Esse modelo oferece mais manobras de nível superior e avançados recursos de segurança, esse tipo de Jet Ski esta entre os mais limpos e silenciosos na água. Eles vem com um motor de excelente torque que são os motores Rotax 4-TEC da BRP, alem de contar com o sistema de redução de ruídos D-SEA-BEL.

Descubra as vantagens de ter um consórcio Jet Ski desse modelo, e faca sua escolha, tem o designer moderno e agora tem o lançamento de novas cores, veja qual se adéqua a sua necessidade e boas compras, e não esqueça use equipamentos de segurança. mapas del mundo sites list ip .

The form of mechanical energy is provided to the shaft

Any form of mechanical energy which is supplied to an axis must be stored in the magnetic field of the machine so that she can be transmitted to feed any load connected to the machine.

The type of operation of a direct current electric motor has its reverse operation or electric power is supplied to the armature winding conductors, all this by applying a voltage at its terminals by the collector ring, causing it to circulate one electric current engines that can do it generally has the following characteristics:

Protective housing fire

The degree of protection should be higher than IP34

Housing format sheet

Higher power: with more than 2 horsepower strength

The isolation of this engine is type A

1.15 service factor y543

The voltage should be 220V and 110V

Automatic thermal protection

220 thermostat 380V;

Color: Grey MunsellN6.5 (Light Gray)

Frequency 50Hz optional

Manufacturing material, made of cast iron. mismapas domain name info .

Mantenha uma boa postura física

Vamos lhe ajudar com medidas simples para que você melhore o seu estilo de vida de ainda vai te ajudar a perder barriga rápido de forma saudável, como por exemplo:

Faca sempre alguma atividade física, foque em exercícios que ajudem a perder barriga rápido, alem de perder calorias ajuda também na circulação, e no bem estar do seu corpo e sua mente quais alimentos para perder barriga.

Faca com que seu metabolismo acelere mais rápido que o normal, tipo consumir mais pimenta vermelha, mais gengibre e chá verde, todos com muita água gelada, esses alimentos são termo gênicos , ou seja eles ajudam o corpo a perder calorias, mesmo parado

Mantenha uma correta postura,mantenha coluna no lugar, isso vai te ajudar a diminuir a forma arredondada da barriga;

O ideal é que se faça ao menos 6 refeições por dia e mastigue bastante, assim se evita o inchaço da barriga, e ainda dá tempo do cérebro entender que já tem comida no estômago;

Cancelo o doce dê preferência às frutas ou mesmo à gelatina, que também ajuda a combater a flacidez no corpo;

  how to seo your website

About induction motor, how it works

An induction motor is a type of electric motor built in such a way that it has two rotating magnetic fields, induction motors are electric machines, manufactured with only a few machines that use concrete engine that are called asynchronous machines, and these machines have asynchronous motor. See more at

Many motors and generators use three-phase electric power, an electric induction motor is basically composed of two parts, the stator and the rotor, we will explain how this type of induction motor, it is located in the space between the stator and the rotor is called air gap, the stator is the static part of the engine and the rotor of the movable motor.

The stator is made of thin sheets of magnetic steel and are heat treated and still have silicon steel to minimize the eddy current losses and hysteresis.

These plates have a ring shape with internal splines in such a way that they can be accommodated which in turn, when in operation, will create a magnetic field.

What is the electric motor that produces an induction field

The most expensive electric motor that has the market today are the dc motors that because it takes several devices that convert alternating current into direct current, the investment is very high and so it is necessary to make a basic account to see You pay to have this type of engine in a machine, noting that energy expenditure is also high. JML1510T

As for the AC motors are cheaper and more widely used, because the electricity is distributed in the form of alternating electric current, thereby reducing their cost, these engines are found in many household usage equipment such as fan, mixer, blender, among others.

Below classify in a simple manner a comparison between the two types of engines.

DC: chain in which it has continuous flow of electrons and orderly in the same direction. AC: is a current whose magnitude and direction vary, there is variation of electrical current during operation, unlike direct current. .

The history of Siemens and HV Moritz Jacobi, in motor industry

The electric motor has had great success after developing the architect and professor of physics Moritz Hermann Von Jacobi in the year 1838, applied his theory to a boat, the energy required to make the electric boat motor function was powered by battery cells and this invention was so successful that transported 14 passengers and sailed to a 5.0 kilometers per hour.

In the year 1886 was scientist Werner Von Siemens managed to build a generator without using the permanent magnet, in that it was able to prove that the necessary tension to the magnetism could be removed from the rotor winding itself – part which is inside the motor and liable By making it turn – it was concluded that the machine could self excite.

The first Siemens engine had a power of about 30 watts and a rotation 1200 rotation per minute -RPM, the machine worked not only as a generator but also as an electric motor, which helped a lot in the growth of the industry. mro supply 6205 2RSJEM link checker

Nova estratégia para o corretor de imóveis

Todos estão fartos de saber que a melhor estratégia é utilizar as redes sociais. Mas nem todos conhecem o Pinterest. Acham que é apenas uma rede social para “selfies”, só que é na verdade uma carta coringa.

Para quem não sabe e não conhece essa mídia, as Imobiliárias de Presidente Prudente mostram ela, com várias dicas para começar a se dar bem.

Essa mídia social, é composta por imagens, fotografias.. Ou seja, tudo o que um corretor precisa para chamar a atenção do cliente.

O cliente, na hora de comprar um imóvel, se interessa por aquele que ele consegue ver por fotos, e não por aquele que ele nem tem ideia. É por isso que esse é o aplicativo perfeito.  LP-CC-1/2

Então, basta abusar das fotografias, e mostrar todos os mínimos detalhes dos imóveis, mas não só deles. Já que é uma mídia só de fotos, aproveite para mostrar fotos do bairro, do comércio que tem por perto, das escolas..

As pessoas são curiosas, e se gostarem do que vêem, com certeza vão começar a ir atrás para comprar o imóvel.  LP-CC-1

Concorrência é o novo aliada do mercado imobiliário, então ta na hora de inovação, está na hora das novas redes sociais.

O que são suplementos alimentares e como funcionam

Os suplementos alimentares têm como objetivo adicionar nutrientes à dieta, para complementar algum ou alguns nutrientes que por qualquer razão não estão sendo absorvidos apenas através da comida. São geralmente indicados à praticantes de atividades físicas ou atletas, pois podem ajudar no desempenho, recuperação, substítutos de refeição ou complementação de refeições.

Atualmente, os suplementos mais utilizados para o ganho de massa muscular são:

– Carboidratos e maltodextrina: sendo fontes de carboidratos, são considerados energéticos. Têm por objetivo armazenar, prover ou repor energia.

– Whey Protein: suplemento derivado da proteína do soro do leite de alto valor biológico, apresentando um nutriente isolado. É indicada a ingestão após o exercício, para prover a recuperação muscular e o ganho de massa muscular.

– Substitutos de refeição (hipercalóricos): geralmente contém todos os nutrientes necessários em uma dieta. É utilizado para suprir as necessidades dos atletas que precisam aumentar a ingestão dos nutrientes em geral.

Para realizar uma suplementação correta, é indicado que se consulte um nutricionista, que poderá verificar a real necessidade do uso do suplemento e qual o suplemento ideal para você ganhar massa muscular. Descubra como fazer dieta para ganhar massa muscular.