What is the electric motor that produces an induction field

The most expensive electric motor that has the market today are the dc motors that because it takes several devices that convert alternating current into direct current, the investment is very high and so it is necessary to make a basic account to see You pay to have this type of engine in a machine, noting that energy expenditure is also high. JML1510T

As for the AC motors are cheaper and more widely used, because the electricity is distributed in the form of alternating electric current, thereby reducing their cost, these engines are found in many household usage equipment such as fan, mixer, blender, among others.

Below classify in a simple manner a comparison between the two types of engines.

DC: chain in which it has continuous flow of electrons and orderly in the same direction. AC: is a current whose magnitude and direction vary, there is variation of electrical current during operation, unlike direct current. .

The history of Siemens and HV Moritz Jacobi, in motor industry

The electric motor has had great success after developing the architect and professor of physics Moritz Hermann Von Jacobi in the year 1838, applied his theory to a boat, the energy required to make the electric boat motor function was powered by battery cells and this invention was so successful that transported 14 passengers and sailed to a 5.0 kilometers per hour.

In the year 1886 was scientist Werner Von Siemens managed to build a generator without using the permanent magnet, in that it was able to prove that the necessary tension to the magnetism could be removed from the rotor winding itself – part which is inside the motor and liable By making it turn – it was concluded that the machine could self excite.

The first Siemens engine had a power of about 30 watts and a rotation 1200 rotation per minute -RPM, the machine worked not only as a generator but also as an electric motor, which helped a lot in the growth of the industry. mro supply 6205 2RSJEM link checker

Nova estratégia para o corretor de imóveis

Todos estão fartos de saber que a melhor estratégia é utilizar as redes sociais. Mas nem todos conhecem o Pinterest. Acham que é apenas uma rede social para “selfies”, só que é na verdade uma carta coringa.

Para quem não sabe e não conhece essa mídia, as Imobiliárias de Presidente Prudente mostram ela, com várias dicas para começar a se dar bem.

Essa mídia social, é composta por imagens, fotografias.. Ou seja, tudo o que um corretor precisa para chamar a atenção do cliente.

O cliente, na hora de comprar um imóvel, se interessa por aquele que ele consegue ver por fotos, e não por aquele que ele nem tem ideia. É por isso que esse é o aplicativo perfeito.  LP-CC-1/2

Então, basta abusar das fotografias, e mostrar todos os mínimos detalhes dos imóveis, mas não só deles. Já que é uma mídia só de fotos, aproveite para mostrar fotos do bairro, do comércio que tem por perto, das escolas..

As pessoas são curiosas, e se gostarem do que vêem, com certeza vão começar a ir atrás para comprar o imóvel.  LP-CC-1

Concorrência é o novo aliada do mercado imobiliário, então ta na hora de inovação, está na hora das novas redes sociais.