Understand concepts that are related to the electric motor

The electric motor has two types of voltage: single-phase and three-phase. The single-phase voltage is measured between the neutral phase. The single-phase electric motor is connected in the normal way and is prepared to be connected in a network of 127 V or 220 V. However, there are still places where the single-phase voltage can be applied both at 115 V, and in 230 V and 254 V. in these cases, one must be applied to a specific electric motor for these tensions.

The phase voltage is also measured between the phases. It is the electric motor more used, because the single-phase electric motor has limited power and also provides income and torques that are smaller and this increases the cost of operation. In Brazil, the most commonly used three-phase voltages are 220V, 380V and 440V.

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The degree of protection is to protect the electric motor against ingress of foreign bodies that are dust, fibers and other, accidental contact and also water penetration. Thus, the electric motor is installed in a location where water jets occur, the electric motor should count cm an enclosure that is capable of supporting these jets under certain pressure and angle without the electric motor suffers with water penetration ARF that affect the operation the electric motor.