The Purpose of Maintenance

The purpose of maintaining an electric motor is to maximize the life of the equipment, thus avoiding unwanted stops.

Services performed on electric motors rab fxled78sf must only be carried out by trained personnel using only suitable tools and methods and must be arranged to stop the equipment and disconnect it from the mains, including accessories.

Several times during maintenance, it is necessary to transport the motors with roller bearings or angular contact, for this the shaft locking devices supplied with the motor must be used.

General inspections are part of the maintenance, and their frequency will depend on the type of engine, application and installation site conditions. It is recommended to visually inspect the engine and coupling, checking for noise levels, vibration, alignment, signs of wear, oxidation and damaged parts and replace them when necessary. Proper lubrication is of paramount importance. The proper functioning of the engine and to this must be used the type and amount of grease or oil specified by the manufacturer and follow the recommended relubrication intervals for the bearings. This information can be found on each motor nameplate.