Applied Components for Impregnation

Among the elements applied for impregnation is the silicone resin, which is generally only used in the case of specific machines designed for very high temperatures. The varnishes and resins improve the thermal and electrical characteristics of the materials used, being attributed to them, a thermal class superior to the impregnated materials, compared to the same materials without impregnation.

Two types of varnishes and two types of impregnating resins, all of which are based on polyester, are normally used to fill all possible constructive and application needs of the engines. The impregnation varnishes and resins have as main objective to conserve together all the enamelled wires that are in the coil with all the components of the stator and filling the voids within the groove.

It is important to remember that the connection of the wires has the capacity to prevent them from vibrating and striking each other. Friction can cause wire enamel to fail, resulting in a short circuit. Removal of the voids helps in the thermal dissipation of the heat caused by the driver and, especially in applications of motors fed by frequency inverters, can avoid or even reduce the partial discharges, known as corona effect, that occurs in the engine.

The Lubricating Components

It should be remembered that at an average temperature of 40 ° C, the life of a continuously running ball bearing can be three to four years or in some cases even longer. In the case of motors with a small footprint, the initial lubrication in the assembly is designed to ensure a high number of hours of operation.

It may happen that the grease reserve is sufficient for the entire life of the equipment and in large engines there will be a need for more lubrication.    SD14005 OVP

The frequency of lubrication changes in the design of the bearings and the properties of the lubricants used. For every 10 ° C of working temperature rise the working life decreases automatically. The lubrication of bearings, in addition to ensuring a more efficient performance, has the function of avoiding the elevation of the temperature that can interfere and reduce the durability of these equipments. Lubrication of bearings is usually done with mineral grease.

As soon as the operating temperatures are high or the speeds of rotation increase from 1,500 rpm, we must use mineral oil to perform the lubrication. These oils must have lubricating properties adapted to the working conditions.



The Power Concept Experiments

The philosopher Aristotle understood that the concept of force based on philosophy, as an important complementary part of Aristotelian cosmology. In the point of view of the scholar, who is still very popular today, nature has essentially four elements: fire, earth, air and water.

He linked matter to earth and gravity as the tendency of objects to seek their natural place, and in this way the natural movement was distinguished from forced movement, which gave rise to the concept of force. Aristotle knew this question, and in this way suggested that the air displaced by the projectile could provide all the necessary force so that its movement could continue. The paradox revolved around the fact that the force was applied to the projectile only at the beginning of the flight, since the projectile was in the air just after the initial impulse.     H29000

Some other additional questions in the Aristotelian model were generated by the lack of due treatment in relation to the air resistance of the projectile movement. This theory, based on tests of moving objects such as carts, for example, did not uncover the behavior of projectiles, such as flying arrows.





Transport and Handling of Engines

It is important to note that if the electric motors are individually packed, they should never be lifted by the axle or its packaging, but with the appropriate devices and lifting eyebolts, if they exist.

The devices called lifting eyebolts are designed in such a way that they can support only the weight of the motor, which is specified on the nameplate. The use of hoisting eyes is not recommended to perform the suspension of the engine along with other equipment, such as bases, pulleys, fans, pumps and reducers, among others.

In case the eye bolts are compromised, as for example with possible cracks or deformations, they should never be put into use. It is of the utmost importance that, in addition to all the safety measures that must be taken, all conditions must be checked before using them.  Boston Gear 9F 1-3/4

Lifting eyes in components such as forced ventilation lids and kits or other devices should only be used to independently lift the same components and never to the complete engine. The motors that are supplied on pallets need to be suspended in the correct way, ie by the base of the pallet. Under no circumstances should the packaging be turned.


AC Motor Operation

An electric DC motor is an electric machine that receives AC power, also known as AC, whereas this power can be supplied from a battery or other DC power source. The energy exchange between the stator and the rotor is called switching and can happen by means of or without brushes. In a DC motor, the speed can be controlled quietly only by changing its voltage, unlike an alternating current electric motor, Heavy Duty Retractable Hose Reel which has its speed pointed to by the frequency.

Therefore, AC electric motors need a change in their frequency in case you need to vary their speed, thus involving a much more complicated speed control. However, by changing the speed on an electric DC motor, it will only need to change the voltage level, making it more suitable for 12Vdc-powered equipment, such as cars or even industrial applications that need a fine speed control.