About induction motor, how it works

An induction motor is a type of electric motor built in such a way that it has two rotating magnetic fields, induction motors are electric machines, manufactured with only a few machines that use concrete engine that are called asynchronous machines, and these machines have asynchronous motor. See more at https://www.mrosupply.com/popular_products/baldor-general-purpose-motors/

Many motors and generators use three-phase electric power, an electric induction motor is basically composed of two parts, the stator and the rotor, we will explain how this type of induction motor, it is located in the space between the stator and the rotor is called air gap, the stator is the static part of the engine and the rotor of the movable motor.

The stator is made of thin sheets of magnetic steel and are heat treated and still have silicon steel to minimize the eddy current losses and hysteresis.

These plates have a ring shape with internal splines in such a way that they can be accommodated which in turn, when in operation, will create a magnetic field.