Soften car engine

When a person buys a new vehicle she knows how the engine uses more than one vehicle which has a used engine. This factor is due for various reasons and here we present some tips and how smooth the car engine suggestions, this factor brings advantages series, then check the information.

Learn how to soften the car engine more easily. Of course, over time the engine will softening normally, but there are some factors that you may be putting into practice that will speed up the process and bring short-term benefits.

These are how to soften car engine tips:

  • At first, try not to exceed the speed of 110km / h; sew eurodrive
  • Important avoid sudden accelerations in the first rotated 1km;
  • For new cars, it is advisable to warm up the engine after starting the morning to leave it running for about three to four minutes;
  • In the first months try to use leaded gasoline for you to avoid dirt in the engine, it will facilitate the operation of the vehicle.