Supply of Electric Power

It is important to emphasize that the technicians responsible for all the operation and maintenance of the electrical processes often analyze the power factor of a load as one of the indicators responsible for affecting the transmission and efficient generation of electric energy. It is a common practice to perform the correction of the power factor to an approximate value to the unit. This action is called power factor correction, and is usually obtained according to the coupling of banks of inductors or capacitors, with a reactive power Q, unlike that of the load, resulting in the component cancellation. For example, the inductive effect of different machines Gates 9274-4280 can be canceled from the parallel connection of a capacitor, or bank, to the equipment.

In case the load has a considerably lower power factor than one, automatically more current will be required in order to supply the same amount of useful power. The companies that supply electric energy establish that consumers, especially those with larger loads, keep the power factors of their electrical installations within a minimum limit. The power capacity must be increased to 0.96, or consumers may be charged extra.