The form of mechanical energy is provided to the shaft

Any form of mechanical energy which is supplied to an axis must be stored in the magnetic field of the machine so that she can be transmitted to feed any load connected to the machine.

The type of operation of a direct current electric motor has its reverse operation or electric power is supplied to the armature winding conductors, all this by applying a voltage at its terminals by the collector ring, causing it to circulate one electric current engines that can do it generally has the following characteristics:

Protective housing fire

The degree of protection should be higher than IP34

Housing format sheet

Higher power: with more than 2 horsepower strength

The isolation of this engine is type A

1.15 service factor y543

The voltage should be 220V and 110V

Automatic thermal protection

220 thermostat 380V;

Color: Grey MunsellN6.5 (Light Gray)

Frequency 50Hz optional

Manufacturing material, made of cast iron. mismapas domain name info .