The Lubricating Components

It should be remembered that at an average temperature of 40 ° C, the life of a continuously running ball bearing can be three to four years or in some cases even longer. In the case of motors with a small footprint, the initial lubrication in the assembly is designed to ensure a high number of hours of operation.

It may happen that the grease reserve is sufficient for the entire life of the equipment and in large engines there will be a need for more lubrication.    SD14005 OVP

The frequency of lubrication changes in the design of the bearings and the properties of the lubricants used. For every 10 ° C of working temperature rise the working life decreases automatically. The lubrication of bearings, in addition to ensuring a more efficient performance, has the function of avoiding the elevation of the temperature that can interfere and reduce the durability of these equipments. Lubrication of bearings is usually done with mineral grease.

As soon as the operating temperatures are high or the speeds of rotation increase from 1,500 rpm, we must use mineral oil to perform the lubrication. These oils must have lubricating properties adapted to the working conditions.