The Motor Circuit Breakers

In an electric motor the circuit breakers have the function of protecting against overloads and possible short ones, and also allow to realize maneuvers directly in its buttons.

The circuit breakers also make the lock, through seals that are installed in your handle, which ensures safety for maintenance stops of the engine and its panels. These circuit breakers can also be used as insulation devices for electrical components and as keys for emergency shutdowns.

With an accessory installed in it it is possible to signal the trip that occurred, through the auxiliary contacts. The additional handles allow the external activation of the circuit-breakers, allowing safer operations and insulation of the energized parts, avoiding risks of electric shock.

The protection of the Dial can block and adjust current in the circuit breakers of the motors CTMDL 4Y, and with the use of sealing we can guarantee the fit and its reliability. In the designs with motor-breakers it is necessary half the physical space for the assembly, because they have smaller size.

The connection buses are necessary for saving the time and errors of mounting the power cables and their accessories.