The Power Concept Experiments

The philosopher Aristotle understood that the concept of force based on philosophy, as an important complementary part of Aristotelian cosmology. In the point of view of the scholar, who is still very popular today, nature has essentially four elements: fire, earth, air and water.

He linked matter to earth and gravity as the tendency of objects to seek their natural place, and in this way the natural movement was distinguished from forced movement, which gave rise to the concept of force. Aristotle knew this question, and in this way suggested that the air displaced by the projectile could provide all the necessary force so that its movement could continue. The paradox revolved around the fact that the force was applied to the projectile only at the beginning of the flight, since the projectile was in the air just after the initial impulse.     H29000

Some other additional questions in the Aristotelian model were generated by the lack of due treatment in relation to the air resistance of the projectile movement. This theory, based on tests of moving objects such as carts, for example, did not uncover the behavior of projectiles, such as flying arrows.